Gas turbine repair

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The delivery of best-in-class products and services requires superior experience and talent, robust process discipline, and a world-class facility. Those elements come together to meet and exceed customer commitments every day at PW Power Systems’ Center of Excellence facility in San Antonio, Texas. Cutting edge equipment and techniques provide repair services for large frame industrial gas turbines, with proven expertise on multiple IGT engine hot gas path and combustion components. PWPS sets the standard for IGT repair services and boasts the highest repair yields in the industry with the lowest parts fall out on PWPS-repaired components.

PW Power Systems is as an industry leader in Repair Services for other OEM large frame industrial gas turbines. We consistently demonstrate the ability to repair components deemed scrap by the OEM resulting in significant savings for our customers. All work at the San Antonio facility is designed around a stage-gate process that enhances quality, ensures process control, and reduces repair turn times.

From induction through strip and inspect, repair, coat, finish, to pack and ship, the component repair capability at our San Antonio facility delivers exceptional value. Customers are welcome to visit any time during the repair of their parts to witness quality work. Today, PW Power Systems has repaired more than 1,100 sets of F-class and V-class parts.