PW Power Systems, Inc. Leads Tour of African Delegates to Visit FT8® Gas Turbine Plant in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS – On Friday, December 11, 2015, PW Power Systems sponsored an FT8® Gas Turbine Plant Tour followed by a luncheon for delegates from eight African countries. It was a fitting ending to Power Generation Week in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the African delegates joined over 20,000 attendees at Power-Gen International.

The U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service led more than 150 delegates from sub-Saharan African countries to the Power-Gen International trade show. In conjunction with Power Africa and PW Power Systems, Foreign Commercial Service helped coordinate the site visit, which gave many African delegates an opportunity to visit a modern, operating turbine plant. The tour included a visit to NV Energy’s 1,102-megawatt Edward W. Clark Generating Station in Las Vegas, Nevada. The tour was at the invitation of PW Power Systems and coordinated through the U.S. Commerce Department and Power Africa. PW Power Systems has recently joined the Power Africa initiative.

The PW Power Systems equipment at the Clark Station, which was commissioned in 2008, provides 618 megawatts of summer peaking power for customers in Southern Nevada. It consists of 12 FT8® SWIFTPAC® gas turbine units in three blocks of roughly 206 megawatts each on a single main transformer.

There are currently 54 FT8® MOBILEPAC® gas turbine units running in Algeria, two FT8® SWIFTPAC® gas turbine systems in Togo and Benin and, most recently, three FT8® MOBILEPAC® units in Conakry, Guinea. Other PW Power Systems gas turbines are located in Libya, South Africa and Ghana.


The FT8® SWIFTPAC® gas turbine package is an industry leader delivering state-of-the-art technology for over 30 years. The proven SWIFTPAC® gas turbine package is designed to provide quick, reliable power. Benefits include its environmental compatibility, dual fuel/dual frequency and remote operability. There have been over 550 FT8® engines provided to the industry with over 125 packages in a MOBILEPAC® configuration.

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