PW Power Systems Delivers Power and Care to Puerto Rico

PW Power Systems Delivers Power and Care to Puerto Rico


Celebrating the deployment of mobile power assets, PWPS supports The Salvation Army’s Houses to Homes Program


GLASTONBURY, Conn., December 3, 2019 – In conjunction with the installation by PREPA of power generation units supplied by PW Power Systems (PWPS), the Connecticut-based company donated $7,500 to The Salvation Army Puerto Rico Division’s Houses to Homes Program, the long-term recovery phase of disaster relief in Puerto Rico that provides household items to those who lost everything in Hurricane Maria.


The Salvation Army’s Project Director Michael Orfitelli said, “Houses to Homes helps residents return to some sense of normalcy. Their house is finally up and standing, but they have no appliances, no furniture, no basic household items because those were all destroyed, as well. Recovery is slow, but we are seeing real progress.”


“We are grateful for the commitment of PW Power Systems, which supports our human services programs in Connecticut and, now, in Puerto Rico.” PWPS and its workforce donate time and treasure to The Salvation Army Greater Hartford Area Services family homeless shelter, The Marshall House, and school readiness program, The Right Place.


“PWPS strives to deliver care where we deliver power,” said Raul Pereda, PWPS President and CEO. “We shine as a collaborative partner who goes the extra mile to help our customers deliver reliable, efficient power to their customers, and we take pride in making a positive impact on the communities in which our customers and we live and work.”


PWPS, the leading provider of aero-derivative power generation solutions, supplied three FT8® MOBILEPAC® gas turbines to PREPA which were installed by ARG Precision Corporation (ARG). The generators are now available at the Palo Seco Power Plant, ready to provide emergency power to Puerto Rico and a safety net for the island’s electric grid.


Armando Rodriguez, ARG President, noted, “PWPS and ARG have deployed modern equipment that provides a sustainable, robust solution for Puerto Rico’s future. We thank PWPS for its unsolicited and generous support of Puerto Rico’s recovery.”


Orfitelli expects The Salvation Army’s recovery efforts will last another five to ten years on the island. “Gifts like the PWPS donation help provide the resources and essentials to rebuild homes and lives in Puerto Rico,” he said. “Know that The Salvation Army will do the most good with every dollar that is directed to Houses to Homes.”



For more information, please contact:

Moraith MacRae, Manager, Community Relations