Gas Turbines

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Gas turbines from pw power systems

PW Power Systems designs solutions with innovative, aero-derivative technology. We offer flexibility as well as dependable technology.

Leveraging Pratt & Whitney® advanced technology, PW Power Systems is a world leader in developing and manufacturing energy solutions for power generation and offers products for aero-derivative gas turbines. PWPS has installed more than 2,000 aero-derivative gas turbines in over 40 countries worldwide and prides itself on being superior in the gas turbine repair and overhaul sector. The PWPS gas turbine engine portfolio offers competitive, efficient, and flexible products from 30 to 140 megawatts of power.

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Powered by Pratt & Whitney
Gas turbine swiftpac ft4000

FT4000® SWIFTPAC® Gas Turbine Package

The FT4000® SWIFTPAC® gas turbine package can provide 60 to 140 megawatts of power in a modular design that is built on over 55 years of aero-derivative design and packaging experience.
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Mobile gas turbines

FT8® MOBILEPAC® Gas Turbine Package

The FT8® MOBILEPAC® gas turbine package is a self-contained, mobile gas turbine package that consists of two primary units: the power trailer and the control trailer. The power trailer contains the gas turbine and the electric generator and the control trailer houses the electrical control unit.
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Gas turbine swiftpac ft8

FT8® SWIFTPAC® Gas Turbine Package

The FT8® SWIFTPAC® gas turbine package offers 30 or 60 megawatts of power. Utilizing proven FT8® technology derived from a Pratt & Whitney® JT8D™ derivative gas generator, the SWIFTPAC® power plant is designed to provide quick, reliable power.
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