OEM Alternative Parts

OEM alternative gas turbine parts

PW Power Systems is a tailored services provider working with every customer to deliver solutions traditionally unavailable from the OEM.

Production of the highest quality gas turbine parts requires a deep knowledge of operational and equipment performance. PWPS designs and manufactures alternatives to OEM-sourced, large-frame industrial gas turbine (IGT) components. Our years of experience in component repair and aerospace technology, proven by engine-run hardware, allow us to design new parts that incorporate performance improvements not often considered by the OEMs. In many cases, we are able to prolong service intervals and even offer guarantees of extended part life.

PW Power Systems develops enhanced product solutions by conducting full analyses and applying reengineered improvements to the design and manufacturing effort. Our approach results in patented innovation and the delivery of product upgrades tailored to our customer’s requirements. Our design criteria and quality control are derived from standards applied to aerospace engine development. We consider the performance, durability, and reliability of every design feature and apply Pratt & Whitney® proprietary alloys and coatings to deliver new IGT parts that exceed customer expectations.

PW Power Systems maintains customer satisfaction and confidence that is unparalleled in the industry. Supporting this confidence in PWPS components is the accumulation of over three million hours of trouble-free service in the field.

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