FT8® SWIFTPAC® Gas Turbine Package


The package design includes a fully assembled enclosure incorporating the gas generator, power turbine, inlet plenum, lube system, and exhaust stack. These factory-assembled modules allow the FT8® SWIFTPAC® power plant to generate power in less than 30 days after arriving on site. The FT8® SWIFTPAC® gas turbine package is also available in a combined-cycle configuration.


  • Best-in-class, part load efficiency
  • Reduced site setup time
  • Lower site cost
  • Less expensive shipping
  • Reduced field flushing
  • Ease of transportation and relocation
  • Prefabricated piping needs no field welding
  • Decreased site labor
  • Standard and repeatable manufacturing process
  • Standard and repeatable installation process
  • Pre-assembled and tested
  • Reduced field inventory
  • Ease of engine checkout and maintenance
  • Operating flexibility
  • Minimal field wiring terminations utilizing quick-disconnect cables


Product Features

  • Factory-assembled modules
  • Integrated lube oil system
  • Factory-tested, quick-disconnect cables
  • Prefabricated field piping
  • Factory-flushed lube oil system
  • Combined gas turbine and exhaust enclosure
  • Factory checkout
  • Simple, flat foundation with minimal embedments
  • Compact layout


Scope of Supply

Gas Turbine Package

  • Two (2) aero-derivative engines (30 MW each)
  • Gas generator (GG8-3 core engine)
  • Power turbine
  • Diffuser
  • Collector box
  • Exhaust transition
  • Fabricated gas turbine base and mount assembly
  • Coupling connecting power turbine and generator
  • Hydraulic starting motor
  • Ignition system
  • Off-line compressor, internal water wash system
  • Lube oil system
  • Fuel supply system
  • Buffered air system
  • Water injection NOx control system
  • Gas turbine enclosure
  • Two-stage inlet air filter with weather protection
  • Inlet silencing
  • Exhaust stack
  • Quick-disconnect electrical interface

Generator Package

  • Brushless exciter assembly
  • Stator heaters
  • Neutral ground transformer/resistor
  • Current transformers
  • Stator RTDs
  • Vibration probes
  • Bearing drain RTDs
  • Bearing metal RTDs
  • Hot and cold air RTDs
  • Rotor ground detection
  • Generator lube oil system
  • Enclosure
  • Open-ventilated, air-cooled, double-ended, synchronous generator or equivalent
  • Quick-disconnect electrical interface

Control Enclosure with HVAC

  • Operator control cabinet
  • Monitoring cabinet
  • Instrument cabinet
  • Unit control cabinet
  • Generator protective relay panel
  • Motor control center
  • Master terminal cabinet
  • Rack-mounted, sealed, lead acid cell batteries
  • Battery chargers
  • Switchgear module, 15 kV class
  • CTG auxiliary transformer
  • FM-200 fire suppression

Hydraulic Start Package Field Installation Hardware

  • Interconnecting piping and hoses
  • Foundation embedded material
  • Interconnecting, quick-disconnect electrical cables for power and signal
  • Special maintenance tools