Field Services

PW Power Systems offers comprehensive field services for FT8® and FT4000® gas turbine products and Industrial Gas Turbine support of large frame engines. Working with PWPS for its FT8® and FT4000® products is the best choice for any asset owner. The knowledge and experience of our PWPS field service team, coupled with the access to our world-class customer service engineers, affords our clients the very best in support for their turbines.

With the internal perspective and technical prowess of an OEM, PW Power Systems offers best-in-class field support for the industrial gas turbine products we provide. Choosing PWPS for your industrial gas turbine needs is a superior choice.


FT8® and FT4000® Field Services


Gas turbine services

FT8® and FT4000® gas turbine users have the benefit of working with the PW Power Systems team to support field operations for various types of outage support services and processes. Moreover, working with PWPS field service affords our customers a direct line to the best engineering technical support for their assets:

  • Borescope Inspections
  • Calibrations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Alignments
  • Start-up Support
  • In Field Repair Services
    • Hot Section Nozzle and Burner Can and Pin Replacements
    • Gas Generator Turbine Exhaust Case Replacements
    • GG and PT Air Flow/Vacuum Check
    • Output Shaft Alignment
    • Collector Box Alignment
    • Equipment Inspections/Troubleshooting
  • Job Kickoffs and Closeouts
  • Training Courses available at Customer Locations


IGT Outage Services

Gas turbine power outage service

Essential to the suite of solutions that PW Power Systems can offer to customers is specialized field services. PWPS provides complete project management, overhaul, and reconditioning of heavy rotating equipment worldwide to support planned and unplanned maintenance activities.

Our service teams of project managers, technical directors, shop personnel, and consulting engineers enable us to provide true turnkey outage management. In addition to labor, supervision, and consumables, PWPS supplies the heavy lift equipment, field offices, scaffolding, special tooling, and other on-site infrastructure to perform planned outages.

Customers will benefit from our technical expertise and unbiased advice with respect to the implementation of inspections and equipment upgrades recommended by the OEM. PWPS collaborates with customers to develop appropriate courses of action based on their operating profiles.

PW Power Systems offers innovative solutions executed in the field such as compressor vane pinning to address shim migration and vane rocking issues experienced on some large frame gas turbines. Our vane pinning solution has been successfully performed on over 160 heavy frame gas turbines around the world with 3.5 million total fleet hours and multiple fleet leaders demonstrating over 48,000 FFH of operation.

PW Power Systems is your best solution for industrial gas turbine services.


Inspection and Upgrade Portfolio

  • Combustion Inspections
  • HGP Inspections
  • Major Inspections
  • Generator Major and Minor Inspections
  • Borescope Inspections
  • Combustion Tuning
  • Rotor Refurbishment
  • Vane Pinning
  • Remote Monitoring