San Antonio Center of Excellence Repair Shop

Bringing Advanced Aviation Engineering and Technology to the Industrial Market

The PW Power Systems (PWPS) goal is to provide value-based gas turbine solutions by incorporating customer feedback and component optimization with the advantage of more than 80 years of technological development from our extensive high-temperature aviation heritage. PWPS leverages Pratt & Whitney® world-renowned hot-section engineering to address the needs of the industrial gas turbine customer. By listening to our customers, PWPS is able to tailor solutions to meet their needs.

PWPS has an extensive, proven history of producing industry-leading technological solutions. We utilize this advantage by applying proprietary technology to create new and innovative solutions for our industrial customers. Through our flexibility, experience and focus on exceeding customer expectations, PWPS ensures the right solution for our customers.

The first step of implementing an advanced repair technique is to properly understand the conditions under which the components operate. On each new repair, the PWPS Engineering Team creates an operating model of the entire hot section and then models the distress modes of each part. This allows the team to determine the repair’s impact on hot-section performance and component life. Using this engineering model, PWPS generates comprehensive repair specifications that are translated into advanced repair methodologies by PWPS service centers.