Frame 7FA.03 and Frame 7FA.03+

PW Power Systems (PWPS) designs the rotating components for the hot gas path of the Frame 7FA.03 gas turbine.

In Excess of 2 Million Hours of Successful Operational Runtime Experience on "F" Class Hardware

The designs incorporate extensive high-temperature experience to provide improved total life cycle costs. PWPS improves upon the OEM offering by leveraging Pratt & Whitney® designed parts to minimize oxidation, creep and metal temperature, ultimately extending part life and reducing operating costs.

PWPS designed its recently launched .03+ solution for the turbine section of the Frame 7FA gas turbine by building upon the proven capability and success of the current PWPS .03 offering. PWPS provides increased output by changing 1st stage components while leaving 2nd and 3rd stage PWPS .03 components untouched.