Aftermarket Services


PWPS offers a full range of maintenance, overhaul and repair, field service, and spare parts for PWPS FT8® and FT4000® gas turbines. For large frame engines, PWPS offers quick turnaround for parts and repair services utilizing the latest in component repair technology integrated from Pratt & Whitney® expertise. PWPS repair facilities are strategically located to deliver customer service globally. Through our flexibility, experience, and focus on exceeding customer expectations, PW Power Systems ensures the right solution for you.

Aftermarket Services for FT8® and FT4000® Gas Turbine Products

  • Training
    • General Familiarization
    • Operating Instructions Familiarization
    • Maintenance Practices
    • Advanced Controls Training
    • Borescope Training
    • Control House Component Familiarization
    • Woodward Control System Familiarization
  • Lease Assets
  • Spare Assets
  • Field Services
  • Preferred Services Agreement

    The PSA scope typically includes:

    • Yearly Audit Service (including borescope inspections)
    • Engineering Support
    • Yearly Training
    • Software Upgrades
    • Usual Term of Agreement (one-year / three-year / five-year)
    • Increased benefit with longer service term
  • Long-Term Service Agreements
  • Aftermarket Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Remote Monitoring Services