• FT4000® Gas Turbine Package

    FT4000® Gas Turbine Package
    Utilizing core technology derived from venerable Pratt & Whitney® PW4000™ turbo-fan engines, the FT4000® SWIFTPAC® gas turbine package provides reliable peaking and base load power with a relatively compact footprint and rapid ramp-up.

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  • Aftermarket Services

    Aftermarket Services
    PW Power Systems believes that aftermarket is not an afterthought. Our job does not end with an installed turbine. Experience, flexibility, and a focus on exceeding customer expectations qualify PW Power Systems to find the right solutions for your needs.

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  • FT8® MOBILEPAC® Gas Turbine Package

    FT8® MOBILEPAC® Gas Turbine Package
    This is the industry leader: state of the art technology bolstered by over 30 years of experience.

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What makes us different

PW Power Systems understands that the industries we serve are both robust and ever-evolving which is exactly what drives our unique approach to how we deliver flexible power solutions to areas of the world with complex energy needs.

Delivering power and energy is what we do but we don’t do it alone. We value the power of partnering with our customers. Your input and insights help us think proactively and work nimbly to create solutions that optimize your energy productivity, reliability, and operational efficiency.

Gas power generation marketplace

Proven Technology

PW Power Systems is the sole provider of Pratt & Whitney technology to the power generation marketplace. We use the technology that allowed human beings to fly and built around it a solution that gives them more power – literally.
Gas turbine technology for power generation

Devoted Staff

Our knowledge was not born; it was made – and it is constantly evolving. Technology is critical but know-how makes it work. Our committed staff is on the forefront of every stride we make to bring reliable and dependable power wherever it’s needed.

Field Services

FT8® and FT4000® gas turbine users have the benefit of working with a dedicated team to support field operations for various types of outage support services and processes. Moreover, working with our field service affords our customer

We are here for you!

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